May 6, 2021—The Department of Education Region III, through its Youth Formation Unit, will launch a program that will help students stay away from drugs and terrorism.

Dubbed as “Project KA DATE: Kabataan Ayaw sa Droga at Terorismo”, this project is conceptualized as a preventive education and information dissemination program to counter the dangers and ill-effects of illegal drugs and any act of terrorism. It aims to empower students to be the catalysts within their peer groups in promoting the ill-effects of using illegal drugs and joining in any act of terrorism and its legal consequences.

Project KA DATE supports the National Drug Education Program (NDEP) through the Barkada Kontra Droga or BKD movement established in schools; develop skills and understanding among students, faculty, and school administrators in initiating active responses for a drug-free school; and increase community awareness and participation, hence maintaining a fully drug-free environment in the school, home, workplace, and community;

Through the BKD Program, the support and services among educators, professionals, families, work forces, peer groups, and other sectors in curbing the prevalence of drug addiction in the country will be sustained. 

The NDEP has five components that the DepEd builds on to create awareness on the ill effects of using illegal drugs. These components are: a) curriculum and instruction; b) co-curricular and ancillary services; c) teacher and staff development; d) parent education and community outreach; and e) research, monitoring, and evaluation.