The School Year 2020 – 2021 will forever be etched in the minds and hearts of every Filipino learner as the time when education took a drastic change.  The classroom suddenly was no longer the physical structure in the school but the virtual platform on the Internet or a learning space at home.  Teaching did not include anymore the chalk and the blackboard but distance learning activities like online classes, radio and TV-based instruction, and self-learning modules.  And yes, the teacher, was not only limited to Sir and Madam but it also meant the learner’s parents and guardians at home.

Covid-19 has definitely changed the landscape of the teaching and learning process.  Yet, with our collective resolve and resiliency, which is uniquely Filipino, we vowed not to let this pandemic stop us from making learning happen, from ensuring that our children get an education.  Through the DepEd Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP), we operationalized and concretized our vision and mission that our pursuit of quality education must continue despite the pandemic.

My dear graduates, completers, and academic awardees of School Year 2020-2021, you are the products of this unique period in our nation’s education history when we were faced with a tremendous challenge in our learning delivery.  Difficult as it may be, you still managed to survive and overcome the hurdles and obstacles owing to your adaptability and creativity.  This alone makes you winners, game-changers, and trailblazers.

To our school leaders, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders, who continue to brave the imminent danger posed by the Covid-19 virus to their health and their lives every day just to make sure that our children do not stop from learning, you are the unsung heroes and front liners of DepEd’s mantra of “Sulong Edukalidad”! 

Our dear partners in education who have given immense support to our schools, we did not only push through with the school year.  We made sure that our children receive quality learning in the face of these trying times.  “Strengthening the Quality of Education Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic” is not simply about the use of various distance learning delivery modalities.  It speaks about the essentials that you continuously embody such as your generosity and dedication for education.  To encapsulate it in one word, it speaks about our common goal to provide the learning opportunities for our children amidst these trying times. 

Many years and decades from now, our dear Batch 2020-2021, when you will look back at this day of your graduation, completion ceremony, or recognition day, you will most certainly remember it with the most unique memory.  For one, your day will probably be recorded in perpetuity because it happened in a virtual ceremony.  Please do not look at this as a scarcity but rather as a living testimony of your ability to rise above any adversity.

Congratulations and may God continue to bless and guide you!

         Regional Director